Moses Lake man accused of killing his wife waives extradition

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — A Moses Lake man that is accused of killing his wife has waived his extradition and will return to Washington, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says.

Charles Bergman is accused of killing his wife Teresa around two weeks ago. He was arrested on September 24 in Pennsylvania.

Earlier in September, Charles Bergman and his wife, Theresa, were reported missing.

Original investigations suggested Theresa was last seen at the Spokane International Airport, but phone data later showed the couple was later recorded in a remote part of Lincoln County.

According to the documents, a farmer called deputies to say he found a body while working in tall grass.

The Medical Examiner who looked at the body said the woman appeared to have been hit by a thin, hard object.

Court records show Charles had been seen at a Grant County Walmart buying a shovel. The wound on Theresa’s head appeared to be consistent with the shovel Charles bought.

According to court documents, the Bergmans’ daughter said her parents had not been seen or heard from since September 17. She said that after 36 years of marriage, Theresa asked Charles for separation. She also said her dad became depressed and contemplated suicide.

Court records show she was scheduled to return on the 17th and that Charles was supposed to pick her up and take her back to their son’s house.

Their daughter got a text from Theresa saying she was at the airport, but after that text message, she was not able to contact her mom or her dad. Court documents say they did not go back to her brother’s house like they were supposed to.

The Bergman’s daughter called the airport and learned that her parents were last seen inside a 2013 Silver Chevy Impala, which was registered to Theresa.

A phone call between a deputy and the Bergmans’ son’s fiance indicated Charles bought a shovel and rope before September 18 and also withdrew $500 cash.Court records also show Charles had recently Googled about New York and searched “what is a lethal dose of lorazepam?”

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says per extradition laws, they have 10 days to get Charles. A court date will be determined once he returns to Washington.

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