Moscow School District changes extra-curricular sports to intramural format

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MOSCOW, Idaho — The Moscow School District has changed extra-curricular sports programs to an intramural format for the start of the upcoming school year.

In a letter to families, administrators said they determined traveling to other communities posed too great a risk to students and community members.

“We also believe that during some of the activities where masks are unable to be worn due to high levels of exertion, the chance of moisture contact from other athletes is too great,” the letter said.

The district said the largest concern was the inability to have control of the situation when traveling to other communities and when visitors attended MSD activities.

“Therefore, we believe the best action to take at this time is to develop an ‘Intramural’ program within our ‘Bubble’ so our students can continue to participate and improve their skills, but allow us to reduce the risk for our athletes and our community,” the letter said.

Athletes who choose to participate in the new format will be refunded a percentage of feed paid by athletes. Coaches will be retained to help with activities, as well.

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