Moscow Police explain Monday night incident where women report being chased

Moscow Police badge

MOSCOW, Idaho – Moscow Police don’t have proof to corroborate a report of a man chasing two women down the street in Moscow Monday night.

Someone called 911 around 5:15 Monday night, reporting suspicious activity in the 600 block of Blaine Street.

A woman said she opened her car door and saw a man sitting in the front passenger seat.

She slammed the door and she and her sister ran screaming from the car and called 911.

People came to help but didn’t find anyone. Neighbors said they didn’t see anyone getting into or out of the vehicle.

According to a news release from Moscow Police, “a passerby informed the sisters of seeing a male chasing them and left before speaking with officers. They were unable to confirm these details and the officer was unaware of that information during the time of the call.”

Moscow Police checked the area and talked to a man matching the description “but learned he and a friend had just returned from a restaurant and the male approached the sisters to help. The male withdrew and waited to talk with officers when accused of being involved.”

“Based on their knowledge at the time, officers closed the incident as unfounded,” the release said. “This term is used to close an incident that cannot be initially substantiated. However, if additional information is obtained, the incident can be reopened.”

The town is clearly on edge, as police search for a person or people who killed four University of Idaho students last week.

“Online reports created immediate speculation that implied there was a link to this incident with the ongoing homicide investigation,” the release said. “We urge residents to remain alert and vigilant. Additionally, we remind the public (& media) that investigative releases of information will be through official channels.”