Moscow Police clear surviving roommates and man in ‘Twitch’ video, dispel other online rumors in U of I murders

MOSCOW, Idaho – Moscow Police don’t believe the two surviving roommates had anything to do with the murders of four University of Idaho students.

They also cleared a man seen in a Twitch video from a local food truck, who internet conspiracy theorists identified as ‘suspicious’ without any evidence or context.

Moscow Police released new information late Friday afternoon, which also included confirmation that the victims were likely asleep when they were attacked and stabbed to death.

Police say the coroner stated the victims were each stabbed multiple times; some of them had defensive wounds.

“At this time in the investigation, detectives do not believe the two surviving roommates or the male in the Grub Truck surveillance video are involved in this crime,” police said in the release. Additionally, online reports of the victims being tied and gagged are not accurate. The identity of the 911 caller has not been released.”

Police say detectives seized the contents of three dumpsters from King Road to look for evidence. After days of online reports, police also finally confirmed they have contacted local businesses to determine if a fixed-blade knife had been recently purchased.

“At the time of this release, detectives have received nearly 500 tips which are being processed, investigated, and cleared,” police said. “Thirty-eight interviews have been conducted with individuals who may have information about the murders.”

As of Friday afternoon, police have no one in custody and have not found the murder weapon.

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