Morning Forecast for October 22

Sixty-five and clear today.
41 Right now, winds less than 10 miles per hour.
This will be energy transposed to us. A weak little system, not much going on there.
Late last night, early this morning we’ve had several earthquakes off the coast of Canada. No Tsunamis expected.
What we expect 72 hours ahead, nothing big coming in.
The rest of it off the coast until later on in the week.
Right now, some winds in the coastal regions.
Colville in the mid-60s. Low 70s in the Lewiston, Clarkston area.
66 into Coeur d’Alene.
28 into Deer Park.
We usually see those colder temperatures in Deer Park.
Mid 60s for the 7-day. We’ll see showers through Friday and Saturday and then see things warm up a litte to 60 on Sunday.

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