More vaccine appointments are becoming available; where you can get them

SPOKANE, Wash. — On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced he wants everyone to be eligible to get the COVID vaccine by April 19.

Biden’s directive is nearly two weeks earlier than when he originally announced, previously saying he wanted all Americans to be eligible for the vaccine by May 1.

Both Idaho and Washington are already on track for that. Idaho just opened its vaccine eligibility to people age 16 and older on Monday.

As for Washington, it plans to allow those 16 and older to get the vaccine starting April 15.

The efforts to get people vaccinated in the Evergreen and Gem State are happening slowly.

In Spokane County, at least 27.5% of people have at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. There are 18.9% of people who are fully vaccinated.

In North Idaho, 24% of people there have at least one dose. An additional 9% are fully vaccinated.

When looking for appointments, there are quite a few available across the Inland Northwest. On Tuesday morning, the Spokane Arena listed many appointments available.

Some may be wondering why there are so many spots open, but they can’t get the vaccine yet.

Previously, 4 News Now spoke with Dr. Frank Velazquez, the interim health officer of Spokane Regional Health District. He said some people are “shopping around” for the vaccine they want. Another reason some people aren’t taking up appointments at the Spokane Arena is because they can’t get access to it. There are also quite a few other providers people can access.

Over in Idaho, when vaccine eligibility opened up to people 16 and up, the Panhandle Health District said it saw a jump in appointments being booked. It opened up eligibility to those 16 and older weeks before the state moved it.

Now, those appointments are slowing down again.

“We have 30-plus enrolled vaccine providers in the five northern counties who are all receiving vaccines. We’ll continue to use our doses as best as we can. We also plan on doing some promotions and advertising surrounding those who want to increase their confidence in the vaccines,” said Katherine Hoyer, the public information officer for Panhandle Health District.

Now, if you are looking for an appointment, there are quite a few places to find them.

Starting Wednesday, the Spokane Community College will be a new place to get the vaccine. CHAS Health is taking the lead in vaccinations there and those currently eligible to get the vaccine can make an appointment now. Click here to look at available appointments.

In addition to the SCC location, the Spokane Arena still has quite a few available appointments left. Those looking for the first dose must make an appointment. People who are in need of their second dose of the Moderna vaccine can walk in, but they must have their vaccination card. Click here to take a look at those open spots.

Providence Medical Group just opened 550 spots for vaccines at the Spokane Teaching Health Clinic for April 13. This will be for first doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Click here to see open appointments with Providence.

You can also find a list of other places with vaccine appointments open here.

If you’re in need of an appointment in north Idaho, the Panhandle Health District opens appointments at 9 am Wednesdays. Click here to see how to sign up for one.

Those living in Idaho can also sign up to pre-register to get the COVID vaccine when appointments are booked. A provider will call you when there’s an appointment available. Click here to pre-register.