More than just a game: The tradition behind Hoopfest court taping

Hundreds of basketball courts are now set up in Spokane, but they didn’t build themselves.

In fact, taping courts is a tradition for one group of Spokane friends. From New York to Seattle, each year they gather at one Spokane location to keep up that tradition.

From the shuffling, to the measuring, to getting all of the bubbles out of the yellow tape, it’s a process that takes skill.

“You know, you’ve got the bubbles, the tape gets ripped up and people kind of scruff it up, so getting it flat on the pavement? That’s not an easy job,” said volunteer Clarence Taff.

Clarence doesn’t play hoops, but put a role of tape in his hands and he’s got game.

In just one afternoon, Clarence’s crew of friends managed to tape 20 courts. While some of them will play tomorrow, Clarence prefers to watch from the sidelines and cheer his friends on.

It’s tradition.

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