More than half of Spokane Valley Fire Dept. to close if levy not approved in February

More than half of Spokane Valley Fire Dept. to close if levy not approved in February
Spokane Valley Fire Department

With the levy that Spokane Valley voters approved overwhelmingly in 2015 expiring, the Spokane Valley Fire Department is asking voters to approve the next four year maintenance and operations levy this February 12.

The levy would fund 54 percent of the department’s budget and would cost voters approximately $1.90 per $1000 of assessed property value. That is up ten cents from the previous levy.

“This is something that we don’t take for granted,” said Spokane Valley Fire Chief Bryan Collins.”If it doesn’t pass, half of our fire department would go away.”

He said that would limit responses to medical emergencies, structure fires, wild land fires and water rescues among their other services.

Currently, the Spokane Valley Fire Department has ten stations, but if the levy isn’t passed, six stations would be closed within the next year. The remaining four stations would be left responding to more than 18,000 calls each year.

“In our business whether you aren’t breathing or in a cardiac arrest situation or your house is on fire, seconds are really important,” Collins said.

Historically, voters have supported the fire department in their voting.

“Year in and year out, since the 70’s people have said we like the level of service here in Spokane Valley,” he said.

While the levy would be used to fund day to day operations, it would also be used to replace old equipment and trucks, replace their outdated maintenance facility and help fund a new fire station needed because of area growth.

More information on the Spokane Valley Fire Department’s Maintenance and Operations Levy can be found by clicking here to go to their website.

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