More than 1 million Washingtonians have enabled state’s new COVID exposure technology

Wa Notify
Courtesy of WA DOH

OLYMPIA, Wash. — More than 1 million Washingtonians have downloaded a new COVID exposure notification tool released by the state earlier this week.

WA Notify is a phone app that will notify you if you have come into close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

When two people using WA Notify are near each other, their phones exchange random codes using Bluetooth. If someone tests positive, they will be asked if they have WA Notify and will be given a verification code.

The person who tests positive then enters that code into the app and anyone who has the app and has been near that user, will then be alerted.

According to the state Department of Health, more Washingtonians opted in within the first 24 hours than any other state using the technology. As of 10 a.m. Friday, the number of phones with WA Notify is more than 19 percent of the number of Washington adults.

“Opting into exposure notification is something almost every Washington resident with a smartphone can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19, so we are gratified to see so many people adopting it quickly,” said Secretary of Health John Wiesman. “If you haven’t activated WA Notify yet, please consider doing so. Studies from Oxford University and Stanford show that the more people who use a tool like WA Notify, the more effectively it will protect our communities.”

Learn more about enabling WA Notify here. 

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