More gray January days in the forecast, but there are some changes on the way – Kris

I’ve got déjà vu in the weather department today.  High pressure, patchy fog, low clouds, repeat.  Wednesday is going to have a very familiar feeling.  We’ll start the day out in the mid 20s and climb to right around freezing for a high.  Expect low clouds and fog with a slight chance of a few flurries coming out of the fog.  There’s also a glimmer of hope for a brief shot of sunshine in the late afternoon.  If you’re desperate for vitamin D, you’ll find it in the mountains!

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The ridge of high pressure, clouds and fog will stick around for Thursday and Friday, but there is the chance of some afternoon clearing.  That’s a tough bet this time of year, however.  The low clouds and fog will clear on Saturday, just in time for the mid and upper-level clouds to move in!  Those new clouds are the beginning of our transition to a new weather pattern.  Mountain snow and a mix of snow and rain in the valleys will develop late Saturday in to Sunday.  Expect more showers Monday and Tuesday, primarily in the form of snow.

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