More evacuations expected for Mohr Canyon Wildfire in Douglas County

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Wash.– Additional properties near the Mohr Canyon Wildfire are being placed under Level 2 evacuations. Level 2 means be prepared to leave. Properties in the RimRock Meadows area have been in place since Wednesday afternoon.

Tyler Callie, Undersheriff for the Douglas  County Sherriff’s Office says at least 150 properties are under Level 2 evacuations but expects there will be more.

“By the time we’re done with this detail of affirmation notices which brings our total evacuation levels right about up to 175. This is the total for level 2,” Callie said.

The latest update on the size of the fire is between 3600-3800 acres. Ben Shearer, PIO for the Mohr Canyon Fire says he expects that number to fluctuate as crews continue to work.

“As those crews go out today, a lot of them have GPS, so somebody with the coordinates around the actual perimeter, we’ll have a better idea of what we’re looking at,” Shearer said. “What I would expect is that acreage is gonna bounce up and down over that next couple of days so it’ll be a big number to start with and then it might come down a little bit as we find unburned areas. Then as crews get in there and identify a lot of areas that are not burned they’ll map those out and then we’ll start taking that acreage out of the fire areas. So expect that acreage area to bounce up and down over the next couple of days”

The initial fire started on Monday afternoon, according to Callie.

“That fire was initially started as a grain harvest activity, I believe it was a combine operating in the area and then suppression efforts went that afternoon into the evening. The fire actually flared up yesterday in the afternoon which led us into the situation we’re dealing with right now,” Callie said. 

Now, crews are focused on establishing fire lines. Callie says they expect thunderstorms throughout the area Wednesday and Thursday night, and these fire lines are needed to slow the fire’s spread.

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