‘More could’ve been done:’ Neighbor reels from explosion one day after nearby standoff

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash –After a four-and-a-half-hour stand-off at the Olympic Apartments, Spokane Valley Police Department arrested Kenley Prince.

Prince has a violent record of domestic abuse, and with another person inside, investigators chose to use an explosion to enter the home.

Neighbors said they learned about what was going on through a cellphone alert resembling an Amber Alert. One of those neighbors was Daniel Kipp and he said that wasn’t enough.

Kipp was across the breezeway and explained he didn’t know what was happening.

“I feel a little bit more could’ve been done to be nice to the people around who were living in the apartments, to make sure certain safety precautions were taken,” he said.

Kipp claims his bedroom wall now has nails as a result of the blast. He was crouched down in his living room and doesn’t know what would’ve happened had he been in the bedroom.

“Nobody came to me and told me we were unleashing an explosion,” he said. “I would’ve left the apartment. I was lucky I wasn’t in my bedroom.”

The Spokane Valley Police Department said they did evacuate the neighbor next door. For the neighboring units, they opted for a shelter in place because of the freezing temperatures, Thursday night.  Lieutenant Jeff Shover, the SWAT Team Commander for the Spokane Valley Police Department, says in a hostage situation like this, they have a lot to consider.

“It’s loud, there is a concussion is caused from that that is created by that explosion that takes place,” he said. “But it’s also safe, and the suspect and the victim sustained no injuries.”

Prince faces second-degree assault charges (DV), domestic violence order of protection violation and obstructing law enforcement along with his WA State DOC warrant.

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