More Bubble Tea More Often: Get the popular drink delivered to your door in jugs

SPOKANE, Wash. — Bubble tea shops and vendors are popping up all over the Inland Northwest. The drink is trendy, customizable and growing in popularity, and a new business is making the drinks even more accessible from home.

Stephanie Woods is the mastermind behind Boba Proper. She tapped into the bubble tea craze and expanded how people can enjoy the drink.

“We have espresso stands in Washington on every block usually. Now, boba is starting to fill that void for tea drinkers or even someone that is still a coffee drinker like myself, but likes to have this cool drink instead,” Woods said.

Usually, you get the teas in single-serve options, but she’s brewing up fresh bubble tea in 32 oz jugs and delivering them straight to your door. She makes the teas, syrups and boba (tapioca) from scratch on the same day it’s delivered.

Since the teas are easily accessible from home, you can pack them in your kids’ lunches, enjoy them at parties or just have around for when a bubble tea craving comes on.

“Sometimes, you may be actually craving to have some boba tea in the morning around breakfast time,” she said. “A lot of shops don’t start serving their boba till around 11 o’clock, so now you can actually make it at home and maybe you start your day off that way.”

If you want to learn more about Boba Proper or place an order for the fresh-made teas, click HERE.

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