Moms for sensible gun control write to lawmakers

A grassroots effort to curb gun violence is gaining momentum across the country, including right here in Spokane.

Moms Demand Action started five years ago after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The group now has four million members across the country, with chapters in every state.

On Tuesday night, the local chapter of Moms Demand Action gathered at the Women’s Club to write letters to lawmakers.

“We are not here to take away anyone’s guns, we respect the second amendment,” said Anya Turner, Moms Demand Action Spokane chapter president.

“But we feel there could be some common sense changes made to improving background check process, taking guns out of hands of domestic violence individuals,” said Turner.

About fifty people attended the Moms Demand Action meeting, including Rita Everstine.

“We all care,” said Rita Everstine.

“It affects everybody’s life, it’s something that shouldn’t be happening here,” said Everstine.

Everstine said she’s been an advocate of curbing gun violence since her sister was murdered in 1955. Everstine said she’s writing her lawmakers in honor of her sister and for her grandchildren.

The meeting was held just hours after Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill banning bump stocks in Washington. Bump stocks are an after market device allowing a semi-automatic to fire more rapidly.