Mom accusing daycare of waxing toddler’s eyebrows plans to take legal action

A mother said she plans to take legal action after alleging that a Pasco daycare employee waxed her young daughter’s eyebrows without her knowledge.

Alyssa Salgado said she noticed a smooth red mark between her daughter’s eyebrows when she picked up the two-year-old from her daycare on the Columbia College campus.

The facility provides care and early learning for children of parents who attend New Horizons Alternative High School.

The day after, Salgado posted before and after photos of her daughter’s eyebrows on Facebook, claiming a daycare worker waxed them without her permission.

She also filed a complaint against the daycare, which is operated by the Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties for the Pasco School District.

Salgado told KAPP/KVEW she plans to take legal action to bring justice for her daughter. She did not specify any terms, but did confirm she is in the process of getting an attorney.

A second mother, Glenda Cruz, said her son’s eyebrows were also waxed at the same daycare. She posted about the alleged incident as well.

Together, the mothers’ Facebook posts have been shared nearly 21,000 times.

When asked for comment, the Boys and Girls Club responded with a statement saying at least one of the complaints is under investigation both internally and by the state.

“The Boys and Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process,” a news release said.