Mobile home park in Hillyard without clean water

People living in the Easy Acres Mobile Home Village in Hillyard are not only suffering from water contamination, some are without water entirely.

Residents in Hillyard have been without clean water since Friday. It’s affecting everyone living north of Wellesley Ave., south of Crown Ave., east of Freya and west of Havana.

They’re being told not to use tap water for themselves or their pets until the system, which was contaminated by a truck seeding nearby land, is flushed.

City employees have either cleaned or replaced meters, all the way up to the city’s connection with the mobile home park.

However, since the mobile home park relies on its own water system, any damage to the meters inside the park falls on them.

“We can’t use the bathroom, we can’t drink the water, or we can’t take a shower,” said Edwin Gjerde, Resident at Easy Acres Mobile Home Village.

This has been the reality for Edwin Gjerde for the past few days.

“I said you’ve got to be kidding me. No,” said Gjerde.

He’s just one of many residents living without clean water at the Easy Acres Mobile Home Village in Hillyard.

“I asked my manager at the trailer park. I said, ‘How long is the water going to be shut down?’ He said ‘I don’t know, maybe two weeks’,” said Gjerde.

While the initial timeline may have been two weeks for this mobile park, those with the city said they’re doing what they can to help speed up the process.

“We have our water specialist out there talking to the property owners to see what other kind of assistance we can provide them,” said Marlene Feist, Spokeswoman for the City of Spokane.

Still, many residents are left wondering how the contamination even got to this point.

“We do hundreds of tests every month. We test for E. coli every day. We are constantly checking our system for contamination,” said Feist.

The city also said that anyone who’s allowed to use the hydrants has to go through a lengthy process beforehand.

“They have to get a permit and they have to get their truck inspected to make sure that they have backflow prevention in place,” said Feist.

However, after this situation, the city is considering having people monitor the process 24/7.

“Certainly we’re going to end up talking about this with our elected officials to see if there are other things we should be doing,” said Feist.

We spoke with the property manager for Easy Acres who said the city replaced their two meters, although he’s unsure if the cost for those meters will fall on them.

He anticipates that they should have clean water by the end of this week.