Mix up leaves family with dozens of baby guinea pigs

Mix up leaves family with dozens of baby guinea pigs

Ten-year-old Kieley Leake loves animals. “I like having pets cause they’re fun, and they’re smart,” she said Saturday. “I think without them, I’d just kind of be bored.”

And something tells me, she isn’t bored very often. Kieley’s family has eleven guinea pigs, and they’re some lucky pets.

In their very own house, Kieley explains, “They have a heater, they have that light, a light above, insulated walls and doors, food, water…”

And each one is treated like any other member of the family. A family, that’s growing fast. Nine of the Leake’s 11 little pigs, are about to be mothers. And it’s all thanks to the newest edition to the all female herd.

When some of the ladies got a little plump after Kevin’s arrival, Kieley’s mom feared the pet store had accidentally given them a male.

And that fear was confirmed with a trip to Northwest Seed & Feed.

“All she had to do was flip him over, and she’s like ‘yep, that’s a boy.'”

So it was back to Petco for Kevin. But for the Leakes, the adventure had just begun. The unfortunate mix up led to guinea pig palooza.

“And now we’re going to try and sell some of the babies, but my mom said we get to keep one or two,” said Kieley.

One or two, out of what will soon be dozens. That’s more Guinea pigs than Kieley’s parents want to have, but Kieley is quite alright with the problem.

“I wish we could keep all of them.”

With dozens of babies on the way, Kieley’s mom took to Craigslist to hopefully find some relief. Her hilarious ad has been pretty effective. Andrea Leake said she’s received numerous calls and emails, and a few of the babies are already spoken for.

But, the Leake’s won’t give their babies to just anyone

“You need to adopt more than one. Because they get lonely,” explained Kieley. “They can’t live in an aquarium or a cage. They need loving homes with lots of space and partners.”

The Leake’s are selling the babies to responsible owners for $10 each, or two for $15.