Missing Cat Found After Nine Years

Missing Cat Found After Nine Years
Missing Cat Found After Nine Years

For pet owners, this is a story that doesn’t happen enough. 

Nine years ago, the Fulkerson Family’s sweet and friendly black cat, two-year old Rusty, went missing. It was suggested by neighbors that during that time, Otis Orchards was experiencing multiple disappearances of black cats. 

Nine years and 10.3 miles later on April 1st, Stephanie Fulkerson received a call from SpokAnimal saying that Rusty had been found near Felts Field and identified thanks to the microchip Stephanie had implanted in his ear. 

Stephanie picked up Rusty on Saturday afternoon during SpokAnimal’s Tag Day. Stephanie’s son, 11-years old, joined her Saturday during the pick-up. He doesn’t remember the family cat going missing 9-years ago even though numerous family photos feature him and Rusty. Rusty will now be rejoining his family with the new additions (new to him) of two cats and a Golden Retriever, Dusty. 

Rusty, now 11-years old, has seen better days. His fur is layered with mats and he’s attracted some ear mites. It was suspected by Stephanie that Rusty may have been homeless for some time during his nine years away from home. 

Not only had times been rough for Rusty, but his home front saw its share of tribulations. Recently, Stephanie’s husband was laid off. Now the Fulkerson family is looking for donations to help Rusty get the care he needs, including grooming, vet care and vaccinations. 

To learn how to help, contact SpokAnimal at (509) 534-8133.