Miracles and mockeries in the NFL Divisional round

SPOKANE, Wash. — With another weekend of football comes more nail-biters and memes.

The Bengals are thriving in the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years. While the Titans put up a fight, Evan McPherson’s game-winning called shot field goal came up incredible clutch. Burrow but on a show despite getting pressured in the pocket on nearly every play. For the Titans to end their season with an expiring clock 52-yarder, especially after a first-round bye, is a huge kick in the gut.

But Titans fans definitely were not as furious with their team as much as social media ripped on Aaron Rodgers Saturday night.

#COVIDiot and “Aaron Frauders” both hit the trending page on Twitter for a few hours. Everyone took their shot at Rodgers, poking fun at his decision to stay unvaccinated and for not reaching the NFC championship. In similar fashion to the Bengals, the 49ers capped it off with a late-game field goal. San Francisco’s defense is on a roll so far, and if they keep it up, their Super Bowl hopes are looking up.

If the Rams beat the Bucs on Sunday, an NFC West conference championship matchup could solidify the division as the clear best in the league. And do not forget the heated AFC rivals play as well Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Chiefs versus Bills could either turn out as a scorefest or another long, defensive battle.

It’s anyone’s game in the semis, with all teams facing a touch test next Sunday regardless of this Sunday’s outcomes. The big game is still up for grabs and it’s only a matter of who wants it more.

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