Miracle Treat Day a family affair

Miracle Treat Day a family affair

On Thursday – participating Dairy Queens all over the country donated $1 for every blizzard they sold.

It’s a great gesture from the fast food giant, but it’s serious family business on Pines Road.

Last year, Becka Jenno’s store raised nearly $800 on Miracle Treat Day.

“We’re trying to break a thousand today,” Becka said.

The store has been in Becka’s family since 1982, and ever since she can remember she’s had this same partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network.

If you don’t like ice cream – there’s a $1 balloon you can purchase that gives you $1 off chicken tenders with all of the profit going to CMN.

As of Thursday morning, Becka’s staff has sold more than 4,000.