Miracle Monday: Stop the Bleed program provides free training in Spokane

A Spokane hospital is providing life saving training and tools across the community thanks to support from Children’s Miracle Network.

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Trauma Services Nurse Manager Denise McCurdy calls gun violence an epidemic that everyone should be prepared for.

“This is an epidemic and we need to get out into the community and teach people how to stop the bleed,” McCurdy said.

She said the national campaign called Stop the Bleed is crucial in the Spokane community.

“It teaches civilians and bystanders to pack wounds and apply tourniquets because bleeding, uncontrolled bleeding, can be prevented,” McCurdy said.

The free course will teach people to stop uncontrolled bleeding in emergency situations until first responders arrive. Now, Sacred Heart is taking this lesson into the community and into schools, thanks to money from Children’s Miracle Network.

“This is going to make a huge difference for our community. I think this will be very beneficial. Just like CPR, I think it’s really really important to be those first bystanders on scene to help stop the bleed,” McCurdy said.

See the full list of upcoming Stop the Bleed courses in Eastern Washington here.