Miracle Monday: Spokane baby beats the odds, celebrates third birthday

SPOKANE, Wash.– Trammell Thompson was born weighing about a pound. He was the length of a pen.

Doctors at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and mother Patricia Thompson knew early on that the odds were stacked against this baby.

“All the times the doctors came to me and said that they didn’t think he was going to survive,” Patricia said.

Trammell was born with a series of medical complications leaving him with a weakened immune system and visual impairments, among other things. There was no specific over-arching diagnosis, according to Patricia, but that didn’t stop her from persisting. Tiny Trammell In Hospital Bed

Patricia saw something in her son that others didn’t. That helped carry them through 509 days in the children’s hospital, a record-long stay.

Then, after all those long nights and procedures, Trammell got to go home. And he stayed there.

The baby that some doctors didn’t expect to survive weeks just turned three years old.

“I just kept wondering, am I doing the right thing? This tells me I did the right thing,” Patricia said.

Trammell still needs special care, but his mom is just glad to be able to wake up under the same roof as her youngest child.

Patricia said they’ve, for the most part, been able to avoid the hospital unless they have regularly scheduled visits. That’s key to keeping Trammell healthy because he was a weakened immune system. During the pandemic, it’s been especially important.

“Taking Trammell outside or taking him anywhere, it’s scary,” Patricia said.

Patricia credits local nonprofit All Heart Infusion for being able to keep Trammell home and healthy. All Heart Infusion founder Renae Wedlake visits at least once every two weeks to administer infusions to boost Trammell’s immune system.

Wedlake has become more like family though. She’ll often visit on her days off or take a call to help Patricia when she needs it.

“How can you not love this little boy?” Wedlake said.

Patricia countered with her own appreciation.

“She just goes out of her way for us and it means the world to us,” Patricia said.

Trammell SmilingKeeping Trammell home and healthy gives him the chance to just be a kid. He can learn, laugh, and play with his family. That’s something Patricia knows was never promised, but those are moments she always dreamed of.

“We have a lot of stuff stacked against us, but he overcomes them,” Patricia said.


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