Miracle Monday: One local girl takes big steps forward with her health

SPOKANE, Wash. — ACE Hardware Dealers in Spokane have been raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network now for nearly 15 years. Having the ability to ask customers to round up their purchases has had a huge impact on the overall totals in the past few years and if you’ve rounded up, you’ve made a difference.

ACE chose to partner with Children’s Miracle Network, specifically because 100% of those funds go back locally to support kids in our own circle. One local girl, who has been a lifelong patient at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, is a prime example of that benefit, and we spoke with her in the past.

When we first met Journey Burkhart, she was in the middle of fighting Star Syndrome. Journey’s mom, Jessica Burkhart told us, “We see basically every ‘-ist’ in the hospital with the exception of the pulmonologist.” These days, Journey is making progress for her own health and now, she’s also the Champion Child for Children’s Miracle Network.

Burkhart told us that her mobility has sky-rocketed since getting spinal surgery last year. It made the world of difference for Journey, in giving her the opportunity to take big steps forward. Burkhart said, “Her body is way more regulated. She can handle a cold now and things like that.”

Journey Burkhart

Journey Burkhart

From the beginning, her family has spent a lot of time at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, and a big portion of that was recently remodeled, thanks to ACE Hardware fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network. For Burkhart, with so much time spent there, the environment mattered, and the upgrade made a difference. She explained, “I got to see first hand the transformation of 3-south at the Children’s Hospital from what it used to be to what it is now.”

Dawn Gregg, who owns some local ACE Hardware stores, and commits a big portion of her time to this fundraising said, ” Journey’s mom had actually told me at one point that she had been in the rooms prior to the remodel and after. It was a hospital room the first time and it more like a bedroom the second time. That’s what we want to do.”

Journey Burkhart

Journey Burkhart

This transformation is just one example of what donations made to the Children’s Miracle Network can do. Burkhart appreciates that these donations stay local. She said, “It stays local. All of the donations. It doesn’t go to someone’s salary. It all stays local.”

Gregg is grateful for all the customers who say yes, to rounding up. ” It’s so great to know that your money is being used for kids right here in your community. It could be your neighbor, it could be someone you know.”

Journey Burkhart

Journey Burkhart

One penny at a time and each one of them counts.

As the Champion Child for Children’s Miracle Network, Journey represents all the kids who are part of this program and what a dramatic difference these donations make for the families.

After hitting the 1 million dollar mark, within 4 years, they remodeled an entire wing of the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, and they haven’t made the official announcement just yet, but they’re getting ready to do another big project soon. As we learn more, we’ll keep you up to date!

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