Miracle Monday: NICU family raising money for Children’s Miracle Network with holiday display

Marsh Family (1)

SPOKANE, Wash. — Two boys. Two and a half years old. Two lives that almost weren’t.

Twenty one weeks into the pregnancy – on the day after Christmas – mom Raelena and dad Kyle knew something was wrong.

They went to the doctors to find one of their fraternal twins, Lucas, broke his water.

“At 21 weeks, you are not viable for life,” Raelena said.

It was not about saving one boy. Doctors said this was an all or nothing kind of deal.

“If we can make it to 23 weeks, which seemed like an eternity at 21, that they have a chance at life,” said Raelena. “And they came January 16.”

Each boy weighed one pound, 11 ounces.

“They told us ‘This won’t be a normal birth. You won’t hear them cry, you won’t hear, that’s now what this is,'” Raelena said.

She said Landon made a small peep, but there was nothing from Lucas, who had to be resuscitated at birth. After four long hours, their dad was finally allowed to check on them.

“He came down and was just like sobbing, saying ‘They are so beautiful,”’ Raelena said.

That is when the Marshes became a NICU family and the staff at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital became almost like second parents to the boys.

“They held our kids’ hands before we did,” Raelena said. “It’s not a job for them. It’s a calling, it’s a passion.”

In the 123 days in the NICU, Lucas had to be resuscitated several more times. Now, the twins are healthy, energetic boys with a new younger sister.

“I’m kind of a Clark Griswold and we have a 100 foot tree in the backyard and I wanted to decorate it,” said Kyle.

Barring any four-alarm holiday emergencies, the Marshes will have a display that will bring people from all over. And along with that, a banner, with an easy way to make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.

“Five bucks, 10 bucks, 1,000 bucks, whatever, it all ends up and it all goes to a good cause,” said Kyle.

It is their way of saying thanks to those who rallied behind two very small boys.

“They say they’re miracles. These are miracles,” said Raelena.

If you would like to visit their holiday display, you can swing by 10705 N. Navaho Dr. in Spokane.

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