Miracle Monday: Looking back on life-saving care for premature twins

SPOKANE, Wash. — Every month, we highlight the life-saving care Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital provides families near and far. This month, we’re hearing from a family who is reflecting on their time, and success, at Sacred Heart just over four years ago.

Now, the Kelsey family is serving as the 2022 Children’s Miracle Network champions. 

In June of 2017, Mike and Corinna Kelsey learned they were going to be parents. The first shock came when they found out they were pregnant with not one, but two babies.

Six months later though, Corinna’s water broke and despite all efforts, the boys were delivered at 29 weeks. Thanks to top-notch care and technology provided at Sacred Heart Hospital, today they’re thriving 4-year-old little boys.

“Every time we drive on the freeway and pass the hospital, we wave to all the babies and nurses and doctors just to remind the boys that’s where their journey started,” explained Corrina.

As the Kelseys reflect on their time in the NICU, they remember the things that got them through.

“They’re really going above and beyond to support us in our journey,” Corinna said.

Corinna and Mike are both avid runners.

“We try to see it as running a marathon. Where we had to stay in the moment and stay in the middle,” Mike said.

Every moment was temporary, whether it was a good one or a bad one.

“The bad days are met with all kinds of uncertainty, alarms, bells, specialists coming in and out,” Mike added.

Lucky for them, they had a connection in their circle that served as one of those specialists.

“It was special. There was some pressure. It was a good thing to be able to be there,” said Heidi Finn, a NICU RN.

Finn was connected to both Corinna and Mike through her own family and served as the twins’ primary nurse.

“To walk that path with them and see those changes, and see them all come together at the end. It’s pretty special,” Finn explained.

The support they received came in a variety of different ways.

“We realized after the fact how impacted we were by the Children’s Miracle Network, as well as how much they really impact the hospital,” Mike explained. “Now that we’ve learned more and more, kind of being on the other side, it’s evident what a force that is.”

From the little things like gifts to the big things like life-saving technology.

“Life-saving and life-giving for us as a family,” Mike told us. “The efforts the Children’s Miracle Network does alongside the NICU gave us a chance to bring these guys home and we’re very thankful for that.”

If you’d like to support the futures of the smallest of patients, just like Jack and Liam once were, consider donating to the Children’s Miracle Network. You can do that here!

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