Miracle Monday: Life for one Spokane boy after he was diagnosed with cancer

Good luck keeping up with Sam Dempsey, 6, and his big sister Ada Dempsey, 8.

Their mother watched as her two kids raced around the jungle gym just days before the start of school. Kim Dempsey said life wasn’t always like this.

“I can actually watch him jump off the slide now,” Kim Dempsey said.

There was a time, not long ago, that Sam Dempsey wasn’t allowed to leave his hospital room. He was about to turn four when his parents found a lump in the crease of his hip.

“It was the absolute worst days of our entire lives. We were completely hit out of the blue,” Kim Dempsey said. “Had no idea it would be cancer.”

Doctors diagnosed Sam Dempsey with a rare form of cancer called Ewing sarcoma. It is a rare type of cancer that occurs in bones or in the soft tissue around the bones, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Sam Dempsey started chemotherapy at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital right away.

It was just before Christmas 2017 when 4 News Now featured Sam Dempsey on Miracle Monday. He walked the walls with his IV pole nearby. His hair was gone, but even then, he didn’t lose his hilarious personality.

Months and months have passed since Sam Dempsey’s last chemo treatment. He can still remember the pain.

“It hurts when the shot goes in, but I’m mostly asleep when I get the shot,” Sam Dempsey said.

It is still vivid in his mind, but even more in focus was the fun he had at the hospital.

“He remembers it as being a fun place where he got to play, get gifts and watch the superhero window washers come down the side of the building. That’s his experience,” Kim Dempsey said.

Many of those fun programs were paid for by donations to Children’s Miracle Network. Kim Dempsey said she’s grateful to donors and the other medical staff members that helped save her son.

“All of those elements made it a positive experience for him,” Kim Dempsey said.

Chemo is over and Sam Dempsey’s hair has grown back. Now, he spends his day playing with his sister and testing the limits on the playground.

“We’ve just seen him bounce back,” Kim Dempsey said. “Watching him play on the equipment, it makes me cherish every day and just be grateful for everything we have.”