Miracle Monday: Infant born at 27-weeks defies the odds and now has a bright future ahead of him

SPOKANE, Wash. — We bring you a story of patience, perseverance, and positivity from one family who’s been fighting the odds, with their newborn, for the past few months.

Nash was born at just 27 weeks and spent the first five months of his life in the hospital. His parents had been anxiously awaiting this day for quite a while, but it was worth the wait. They say, they’re on Nash’s timeline.

“We take him over the window and be like ‘Look buddy! There is more to this than just this room’,” Desiree Crawford told us. For her and Nick Riehle, the past five months have been a rollercoaster.

They’ve had quite a few tough trials in their time at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

“We were faced with a decision to either let him pass, or to do another surgery,” Desiree explained. They agreed early on though, they would never give up on their little boy.

Desiree and Nick have been each other’s support through it all and they’ve done all they could to stay positive, despite a trying situation.

“We do pep talks like you got this buddy. We’re going to do this,” they told us.

Even when they doubted it themselves, they did it for Nash. Now that he’s home, they attribute that positivity to everything Nash has overcome.

“There was a long time when it wasn’t at all clear whether he was going to survive,” Dr. Underwood shared.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Underwood is convinced he’s got the best job in the world!

“One of the things that’s amazing about caring for very small, premature babies is they’re incredibly resilient,” Dr. Underwood explained.

The Children’s Miracle Network played a big role in the development of this physician’s career.

“The Children’s Miracle Network was very really helpful in funding some very basic research on premature babies. Every year they offered new grants for investigators like me to get started,” Dr. Underwood remembers.

These days, he’s eternally grateful for the people who support the Children’s Miracle Network, and for the funding that goes to the smallest of babies.

He believes investment in the littles ones is crucial. “When we just look at dollar for dollar, what we get for our money, the biggest return is always in babies and children,” Dr. Underwood passionately explained.

It’s the tough fighters like Nash who represent our future.

“He’s just one of the amazing little babies who in spite of a very difficult life, has a very bright future,” Dr. Underwood shared.

If you’d like to help support programs just like this one, you can donate to Children’s Miracle Network. You can find the donation page here.

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