Miracle Monday: Family grateful for treatment, opportunities at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

Miracle Monday: Family grateful for treatment, opportunities at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

A Washington family drove hundreds of miles to come to Spokane when they got the news their daughter had a serious heart issue.

Doctors started treating little Elliott Naftzger before she was even born, and four years later, they’re still helping her and her family, inside and outside of the operating room.

Mother Rachel Naftzger found out her daughter would need specialized care before she was even born.

“We got some news that there was something kind of off with her heart,” Rachel Naftzger said.

Her doctors in Walla Walla suggested they come to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, in Spokane.

That’s when she found out her unborn baby had hypoplasic left heart syndrome. That means the left side of Elliott Naftzger’s heart didn’t form correctly, so the right side had to do more work pumping blood throughout her body.

So, doctors planned three open-heart surgeries. The first happened when she was four days old. She went in for her second surgery at five months and had her final one earlier this summer.

“She’s doing really well,” Rachel Naftzger said.

Donations to Children’s Miracle Network helped pay for some of the tools used during this child’s specialized care, including a portable echocardiogram (echo) machine.

That’s something doctors can take to Walla Walla when Elliott Naftzger needs checkups.

“Having a portable echo machine donated will really be an incredible thing because we will be able to just drive down the street, instead of three hours, to come and get a thorough checkup,” Rachel Naftzger said.

Less time in the car leaves more time for the important things in life.

“She gets to live a fairly normal life and gets to run and play with her friends and brother and family,” Rachel Naftzger said.

While those sound like typical things for a child to do, Elliott Naftzger may not have been able to enjoy them had it not been for this Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

“She is full of life and love and happiness and so my dream for her is to live a really normal and extraordinary life,” Rachel Naftzger said.