Miracle Monday: Families overcome challenges of 2020 with support from Sacred Heart

Child Life Specialist With Child

SPOKANE, Wash.– 2020 challenged people in unimaginable ways. For some families, they faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, but managed to persevere. Here’s a look back at some of the miracles that happened.

Miracle Monday: 7-year-old once hospitalized is now on a mission to help sick kids

Miracle Monday: 7 Year Old Once Hospitalized Is Now On A Mission To Help Sick Kids


Miracle Monday: 5-year-old girl bravely battles cancer

Miracle Monday: 5 Year Old Girl Bravely Battles Cancer


Miracle Monday: Cameras keep families connected to babies in the hospital

Miracle Monday: Cameras Keep Families Connected To Babies In The Hospital


Miracle Monday: Family reflects on unexpected NICU stayMiracle Monday: College student draws from past cancer battles to inspire others


Miracle Monday: Little girl learns how to live with type 1 diabetesLittle Girl With Diabetes



Miracle Monday: Spokane baby beats the odds, celebrates third birthday

Trammell Celebrates 3rd Birthday With Cake