Miracle Monday: Cowley Park lights brighten spirits at Sacred Heart

Miracle Monday: Cowley Park lights brighten spirits at Sacred Heart

With only a few kids checked into the Oncology ward at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, the quiet days can fuel loneliness.

That is, until you arrive at the door of 4-year-old Sam Dempsey’s room.

“Sam is a very unique little man,” said Judy Felgenhauer, Medical Director of Pediatric Oncology. “Yesterday I was having a bad day and I stopped in his room because I knew it would cheer me up.”

At such a young age, Sam is no stranger to the hallways of the ward.

Sam is fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma. His hospital stays are long and frequent as doctors work to fight it with aggressive chemotherapy treatments.

But that’s not the only thing cancer has forced Sam to miss out on. He’s going to spend Christmas in the Oncology ward.

While a Christmas spent at home would be the ultimate gift from Santa, a piece of it sits right outside of his hospital window.

The lights at Cowley Park were put up for Sam, and the many other kids that never asked to be at the hospital.

“It helps them know the community is interested in them and rooting for them,” said Felgenhauer. “Helps remind us that they are first and foremost children.”

Doctors say Sam’s treatment is working. He still has several more rounds, then he’ll be placed on surveillance.

As for the lights, stop by Cowley Park and check them out, they’ll be up for another month.