MIRACLE MONDAY: Children’s Miracle Network provides special elements for patient’s care

SPOKANE, Wash. — Day in and day out, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital offers life-saving treatments to kids across all across the Northwest. Thanks to the Children’s Miracle Network, that hospital is able to throw in some special elements for those patients along the way.

Coreanna Riddell recounts the surprises that made a recent hospital stay a little easier for her daughter, “A little pillowcase cover that was- what was it? Pawprints and hearts. They told her you to get to take this home, they gave her stuffed animals, a book. ”

Just 6 weeks ago, Reagan Riddell took a hard fall, doing exactly what kids do best. Her mom explains, “Reagan was playing on the playground at her school when she fell off a ladder up to the play structure. When we got to Urgent Care they said, ‘She broke it and she broke it really good.'”

Reagan needed surgery prior to a cast, and because this was Memorial Day weekend, the Urgent Care providers warned Reagan’s parents, she may not be able to get that surgery till the following Tuesday. Coreanna was worried her daughter would be in pain, for days to come, “That made me really nervous, to have a child with a broken bone at home.”

Thanks to the goodwill of the trauma surgeons at Sacred Heart, they got Reagan in the very next morning. Coreanna told us, “As a mom it really just makes you feel good to know that they’re going the extra mile to make sure she’s comfortable and happy.”

The joy-triggers along the way, like the pillowcase she still treasures today, provided a distraction. Meanwhile, her Child Life Specialist provided direction for her care. Coreanna said, “She really went out of her way to make sure that Reagan was a part of her treatment plan,  and that Reagan’s questions and concerns were answered.”

It’s experiences like these that sparked joy, and appreciation, along the way. Coreanna expressed gratitude saying, “We’re able to look back on this traumatic experience and still see some exciting things or good memories along with it.

Reagan isn’t 100% just yet, after all, this was just 6 weeks ago. She’s showing how resilient kids are. Her mom shared, “It really hasn’t stopped her. She’s taking piano lessons, doing swim lessons, she was really excited to go back to school as soon as she could.”

Reagan Riddle, also grateful for the great patient care, said, “Thank you to everyone who helped me with my surgery.”

The Children’s Miracle Network does big and amazing things for very sick kids- but Coreanna says even the small things they do for relatively minor patients, make a big difference too.

If you want to help support programs like this right here in the Inland Northwest, you can donate to Children’s Miracle Network and 100% of your donation will stay local.

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