Miracle Monday: Baby born at 23-weeks defies all the odds

SPOKANE, Wa. — A premature baby is getting a shot at life, thanks to the life-saving care provided by Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

As the only Level 4 NICU in the Inland Northwest, they’re able to care for the most fragile pre-term babies.

Carrie and Adam had been trying for nearly 10 years to get pregnant when they got the offer of a lifetime.

“We decided to go down the road of having a surrogate, who we met through a family friend,” Carrie said.

Twenty-three weeks into that pregnancy, they got an unexpected call. Their surrogate went into pre-term labor and Joseph was born on March 27, at just one pound and 11 ounces. That made him a “micro-preemie.”

“They told us when we got here it would be a roller coaster and it has been,” Carrie said. “The kind of fear about losing your child at any moment was definitely the hardest thing we’ve ever been through. We wanted a baby for so long that we never imagined that this could happen.”

They believe they’re on the downhill slope of Joseph’s fight for life.

“Every time I come to work, I get the pleasure of taking care of him,” Amy Lauffer said with a smile.

As a Nurse in the NICU, she’s been by Carrie and Adam’s side since day one.

“We do a lot of hugs, a lot of crying together and we have good moments together, too, and get to see a lot of growth.”

To Carrie and Adam, she’s become like family.

Joseph has gained five pounds since birth and with a baby his size, every itty bitty gain is a really big win.

Their surrogate, Sarah, has been involved, providing support in any way she can. She pumped for three months and the breastmilk Joseph had been getting was hers.

Meanwhile, mom and dad are fueling Joseph’s fight, each step of the way.

“One of the great things here is we’re able to hold him every day, able to change his diaper, and do some care for him that the nurses let us do or let the parents participate in,” Adam said.

Joseph has a few more milestones to overcome before heading home, but the nursery is ready and waiting for him when the time comes.

Sacred Heart’s Children’s Hospital can care for the most fragile preterm babies as a Level 4 NICU and the Children’s Miracle Network has played a big role in the development of that care.

If you’d like to support the Children’s Miracle Network, you can find the donation page here.

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