Miracle Monday: 5-year-old girl bravely battles cancer

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — For the Gracyzk family, time is best spent together. Father Ryan Gracyzk said the family of six has always been close. The youngest, 5-year-old Jade, helps makes sure of that.

“She’s sassy, funny, full of energy,” Ryan said.

Then, one word changed all of that.

“It’s every parents worst nightmare and we’re living it,” Ryan said.

Earlier this year, Jade was diagnosed with cancer. Sarah, Jade’s mom, said the news blindsided them.

“There’s nothing that can prepare you for it,” Sarah said.

Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Sarah Hill helped come up with a plan to save Jade’s life. She knew it would require a complex surgery and weeks of chemotherapy.

“Her tumor was coming from her kidney and it went from the kidney all the way through a blood vessel up into her heart, which is not common,” Dr. Hill said. “She had three different surgeons who were operating on her at the same time in order to take this out.”

The Gracyzk family was left to wait while doctors did their best to save Jade’s life.

“We know that Jade wouldn’t have a fighting chance without them,” Sarah said.

The surgery happened last spring and was a success. But it was just the start of Jade’s journey. Sarah said Jade has already gone through 14 weeks of chemotherapy. She still has many more treatments ahead of her.

“We literally have to just keep continuing to take it one day at a time, get the most out of every single day that we possible can as a family,” Ryan said.

This Spokane Valley family has come to learn that the only thing more precious than time is who you spend it with.