Milk bottle tiebreaker: Steven Walk elected to Fairfield City Council

Steven Walk is the newest member of the Fairfield City Council.

Walk was elected to the position on Monday during a tie-breaker vote using a milk bottle and two balls.

The race for council position no. 3 was in a dead heat: exactly 78 people voted for Walk and 78 people voted for his opponent Dave Watling.

Washington state law requires the winner to be selected by a game of chance, but does not specify a tie-breaking method that must be used.

For years, Spokane County Elections officials used a battery-operated mini bingo ball dispenser and spit out one ball at a time. The elections office stopped using it when it broke.

Spokane County Auditor Vicki Dalton said she is not sure how the milk bottle came into play, but said that is what the office has used for several years.

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