Mild weather boosts business in Spokane

Mild weather boosts business in Spokane

With the recent mild weather in Spokane, folks have been drawn out of their homes and out of their offices and have been spending more time out walking in downtown Spokane and surrounding areas.

With more foot-traffic there’s more business and businesses are feeling the boost during a typically slower month.

“This year we’ve seen a ton of people riding their bikes, walking their dogs, and really enjoying this sunny beautiful weather,” said Hannah Cosby, a store manager at Rocket Bakery. “We’ve had a bunch of people coming through the door.”

She says last year the ice and snow kept folks inside and it was a slower month for business.

“I remember we had a river of ice out our front door,” said Cosby.

The spell of snow-free weather in Spokane has also ushered in an early ice-cream season.

At the ice cream shop, The Scoop, owner Jennifer Davis says sales are up 40 percent when compared to the same time last year and she’s been making extra batches to keep up with demand.

“They don’t want to go home, they want to stay out and talk with friends or walk around and so many have been coming to get ice cream,” said Davis.

With the mild weather, she has put her patio furniture back out and hopes she can leave it there until summer.