Meet the woman who takes all those nasty calls at the county when roads get bad

Many people living in Spokane County were furious to see roads covered with snow on Wednesday morning, and they called to let the Public Works Department know it.

If you were one of those callers, chances are you spoke with Kimberly Bibee.

She’s a mom, a real human being, and a tax payer who has to drive those snowy roads, too.

Despite degrading calls, Bibee says she’s there to help. In return, she’s asking for one thing: Some civility.

Bibee says she typically gets to work around 7:30 a.m. It’s an hour before her shift, but she says she needs that time to find parking and make sure her system of phones and computers is up and running.

“Get prepared for what’s coming,” said Bibee. “Snow calls, stop signs, lots of dead deer, but more ice, more snow. ‘Why isn’t my road being plowed? I’m on a hill. Where are you?'”

Bibee is the first point of contact at Spokane County Public Works and, sometimes, the person people take it out on.

Bibee can’t help the fact that you slid into a ditch and she wasn’t driving the snowplow that hit your mailbox.

Though the calls were back-to-back all day Wednesday, Bibee kept calm. Being a member of a local Buddhist organization, she’s pretty good at it.

“I want to come to work and be the sun of peace, love and happiness,” Bibee said. “I really try to practice what I preach and treat people the way I would like to be treated.”

Bibee’s not complaining, she just want’s people to understand.

“Send the calls, I will be happy to take them. Just remember you are talking to a human,” she said.