Jeff Humphrey

Jeff Humphrey

Jeff Humphrey is the senior reporter at KXLY4 News.

A second generation TV reporter, Jeff joined the KXLY4 Team in 2003 after spending 13 years at the CBS affiliate in Spokane.

He got his first job in television at the age of 16, pushing a camera around a TV studio in Waco, Texas. After graduating from San Diego State University, Jeff worked in Grand Junction, Colorado and Reno, Nevada before moving to the CBS affiliate in Spokane in 1990. In 2003, Jeff took the opportunity to join the KXLY4 team.

Jeff's a second-generation news reporter, and like anyone who follows in their folks' footsteps, he cares about his family's chosen profession.

"I try to improve TV journalism's reputation one story at a time," Jeff says.

Jeff's been working the cops and military beats here in Spokane for 14 years and is really interested in Spokane-area crime, specifically the way people can protect their families and property from criminals. He doesn't enjoy showing up to fatal fires and traffic collisions but feels reporting on those tragedies is one way to prevent them.

Away from work Jeff enjoys wakeboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.