Meet the Spokane Police Department’s newest K9

Meet the Spokane Police Department’s newest K9
Spokane Police Department K9 Unit

Saturday, the Spokane Police Department K9 Unit introduced K9 Trace to the community. K9 Trace is a two-year-old German Shepherd from the Czech Republic.

At such a young age, K9 Trace is already known for his speed, agility and athletic abilities, along with his social personality. His passion for the job is evident, and SPD said he performs very well out on the streets.

K9 Trace’s handler is Officer Paul Buchmann. Officer Buchmann became a handler back in 2013 after finishing 400 hours of intensive training with K9 Talon, which was Officer Buchmann’s previous K9.

Last year, K9 Talon suffered from an infection and had to undergo surgery at WSU Veterinary Hospital. SPD called K9 Talon’s recovery remarkable, but it wasn’t enough to send him back out.

SPD said K9 Talon is enjoying retirement after 888 deployments and 104 captures under his belt, along with thousands of belly rubs from the Spokane community.

In 2015, Officer Buchmann and K9 Talon won the TOP DOG Award after earning the highest score among several events.

K9 Trace definitely has some big paws to fill, but his performance so far is already turning heads. Spokane Police K9 Unit is excited to have K9 Trace in the family as he is well on his way during his young career and ready to make his mark on Spokane.