Meet Leny: Spokane’s Insta-famous dog with more than 25k followers

A popular dog on Instagram has more than 25,000 followers from people all over the world. Leny is a Golden retriever who’s famous for sliding and rolling down grass hills. But Leny isn’t as far as you might think. The dog who makes people happy one roll at a time lives in the Inland Northwest.

His owners, Todd Adolphson and Jackie Caro, live in Spokane’s Perry District.

“He loves sliding down this hill, and he’s kind of caught on naturally. I think a lot of people like watching him slide,” Adolphson said.

The Instagram account his parents made for him has thousands of people liking and commenting on his videos. From sliding down the hill, to lounging with dad, and even throwbacks to when he was just a wee pup.

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Thanks for following me! I am celebrating reaching 20k followers the only way I know how…. . . . #suddenlyinstafamous #goldenretriever #slideislife #dogslides #livelikeleny

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“We knew he was kind of special. We knew he was special, we’ll say that. We knew he was a special dog, how about that,” Adolphson said.

Leny is only a year-and-a-half old, and already he has a large following. His parents said they started his Instagram account because they had flooded their own accounts with pictures and videos of their dog.

“Portugal, he’s big in Spain, someone said. So we get a lot of like foreign language comments. We have no idea what they are saying, but we assume they’re happy. We assume they’re enjoying watching Leny,” Adolphson said.

A video of Leny a day, keeps the doctor away.

“People are always like, ‘Aw Leny always brightens my day.’ and ‘We love watching Leny slide.’ so it’s great, he makes people happy and that is cool,” Adolphson said.

You can follow Leny on Instagram at @leny_the_retriever