Meet Julia, Veronica And Jenny

Julia, Veronica and Jenny are three sisters who love to have fun. They also would love to have a family of their own.

Julie, who’s about to turn 13, is a sixth-grader who is well-liked, a hard worker and athletic. Her favorite sport is soccer.

Veronica is seven and is sweey, engaging and playful. She’s also quick, and Julia says Veronica is almost faster than she is.

Jenny is three, and is bright, inquisitive and energetic. She’s can be girly, but also has a rough-and-tumble side, too.

The two older sisters have been in foster care since 2002, and Jenny since birth. They need to be adopted together by parents who are kind, patient, structured and loving.

Watch to learn more about Julia, Veronica and Jenny, this week’s Wednesday’s Children.