Mead teacher under investigation for possible relationship with student

A teacher at Mead High School is under investigation for a possible relationship with a 17-year-old student.

A search warrant filed last week in Spokane County Superior Court details allegations against a teacher.

According to court paperwork, the allegations came first in an anonymous letter addressed to the Mead High School principal.

The letter says the teacher and student had exchanged phone numbers and that they were meeting in his classroom before school, despite him never being a teacher of hers. The letter also claims the student and teacher had become “flirtatious” and their relationship “escalated to kissing each other which led to a relationship.”

The anonymous letter claims the pair had been off and on again and that “this year, it started back up again.” It included specific details about a sexual relationship between the two.

The letter writer claims to have seen a text message exchange between the teacher and the student.

Court documents say Mead High School principal Jeff Naslund contacted Washington Child Protective Services to report the allegations. CPS then reported it to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

A sergeant with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office called the student in for an interview. She relayed she met the teacher at a leadership camp and that she contacted him to talk about the death of a family member. She said that she never communicated with the teacher outside of that and that she has never had a physical relationship with him.

Court records say she told the sergeant that she did not have Facebook, Snapchat or other apps and didn’t use them to communicate with the teacher.

Her mother later told investigators that she does have Snapchat on her cell phone.

The sheriff’s office has seized the student’s cell phone and noticed an unread Snapchat message. The girl and her mother signed consent waivers for the search of her phone.

Last week, investigators spoke to another teacher at the school who reported seeing the teacher and student spending time together “almost every day.” That teacher said he expressed his concerns to the teacher in question, telling him “it did not seem like a healthy thing.” After that, he said he saw the student and teacher together, but not as much as before.

In court records, the detective reports not thinking the student is being “entirely forthcoming about her involvement in this matter.”

Investigators have asked to search the student’s phone, Snapchat message logs, Facebook and Facebook messenger records for evidence of any possible crime.

KXLY4 News spoke to the Mead School District late Monday afternoon. The district says it is aware of the allegations and will continue to work with the sheriff’s office. When asked if the teacher is still in the classroom, the district said it would not be appropriate to comment on that.