Mead students back to school after more than six months

MEAD, Wash. — Students in Mead School District are finally back to learning after six long months out of class.

Students were supposed to go back last week, but were delayed a week because of poor air quality. Now, they’re back with new safety measures.

Mead School District has waited more than half a year for the first day of school. They’ve had their safety protocols ready to go and Monday, they got to put it into action. It all starts before students step foot into the building.

All Mead schools have “X” markings on the ground for line spacing. It’s one of many changes for students.

“Instead of lining up right behind each other, they have to be six feet apart. We have the little Xs they can stand on while they’re in line,” said Alicia Eckman, principal at Brentwood Elementary School.

This is for student of every grade at every school. They have to get checked in before entering the school’s double doors.

“Parents have attested to their health, they get checked in. The kids who have not had their parents attest to their health go to a separate screening line and they just ask them some questions and take temperature,” Eckman said.

Attestation Nikki 4

Both students and staff have to do the attestation every single day before school. It’s a survey that asks about whether or not they’ve felt any COVID-19 symptoms, or if they’ve possibly been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

If they’re good to go, they’ll get a green check and it’s their pass to get into school and their ticket back to some normalcy.

“It’s different, I’m not going to lie. No one knows how to school during a pandemic,” said Makena Busch, a digital media teacher at Mead High School.

Each classroom is capped based on grade to maintain social distancing. From kindergarten to fifth grade, they can have up to 22 kids in a class.

Nikki Classroom 1

From grades 6-12, there can be up to 30 students in a classroom.

Nikki Classroom 2

“I think they’re tired of being at home. We’ll just kind of have to see how it plays out after a couple weeks, because teenagers are teenagers. For now, I am feeling pretty strong that our kids are going to be okay,” Busch said.

Mead School District said they won’t have official enrollment numbers until the fourth day of the school year. Schools are adapting as they go, so they make changes here and there to help the school day go more smoothly.

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