Mead senior helps improve her team through repetitions

SPOKANE, Wash. — For Mead High School senior Taylor Mularski, golf runs in her family, with her dad and brother having played their whole lives.

But Taylor is a bit of the opposite, as she only picked up the clubs a few years ago but has already proved to be tough competition on the course.

“Taylor came out her freshman year, when her brother was a senior and she was a pretty novice golfer, and we were just hoping she would break 100,” said Mead Girls Golf Head Coach Keith Ross.

Seeing how her brother loved the sport so much, Taylor picked it up for fun.

“Just seeing how my brother practiced and how much he loved it, it was definitely a big part of what taught me, especially to work hard,” Taylor said. “He would practice a ton and I wanted to get better so I saw that I needed to put in the work to get better.”

And how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

“I know over the last summer I played like around 140…before I could post rounds I played probably like 10 or 15 rounds before that and then after the posting season probably like 20 more after that so like 160-170 rounds in the past year,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s been putting in the hours, and it’s shown in her performance.

“The last two years Taylor’s posted more rounds of golf than any other junior in the state of Washington, upwards to about 165 rounds of golf per year, and we only have golf 7 months a year, 8 months a year here in Spokane,” Ross said.

All that hard work paid off too, as she’s off to play at Gonzaga on a full-ride scholarship next year. But don’t think that has impacted her drive at all.

“We had a practice that ended around 5 o’clock and so she went to go play the other nine holes and I said, ‘you know you can go home’ and she said, ‘during golf season, I have to golf everyday until 6 p.m.’ Well, it kind of bled over to the other girls and now when I’m done with practice at 5-5:30, they’ll go play the other nine holes just with Taylor and so our team is improving immensely,” Ross said.

Taylor’s dedicated to improving with each round, and the repetitions are just a part of the game for her.

“If I have a bad round, I want to fix it and I want to do better and I can’t stand being done with a round and then go in the clubhouse and think like it’s just going to be better next time. I have to put in the work, but at the same time golf’s just what I love to do,” Taylor said.

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