Mead Senior finally reaches goal of making it to state

SPOKANE, Wash. — For many high school seniors, they had almost two years of sports taken away from them by COVID-19.  So coming into this final stretch of the season is just one last chance to make it to the state championships.

“Just to compete at that high level has been a goal for me,” said Sam Leman, a Senior at Mead High School

And that goal became a reality for Sam Leman as he advanced to his first state track and field championship in the triple this past weekend.  During his time at Mead, he’s competed in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles as well, but the way he got into it might not be the most conventional.

“Funny story when I was joining track my friend was telling me about the events and I asked him what the shortest event was and in middle school there’s the 60 meter hurdles so I said I’d try hurdling…and then triple jump, the jump coach just saw me and was like you want to try triple jump? I just went along with it,” Leman said.

But don’t mistake Sam wanting to do the shortest events as laziness, as he carries a 4.0 GPA that’s taking him to Gonzaga in the fall, and he’s described as one of the team leader by coaches.

“The first one to show up, always on time and doing the hard work that will show his results at the track meets and all that,” said Head Coach James Lehr.

“It’s important for me to push my teammates and if they see me by not showing up then I can’t really set that example. So that’s why I show up everyday,” Leman added.

And now that the hard work has finally paid off after more than four years, the pressure has been taken off his shoulders.

“No more stress because getting to state is the end goal. I don’t have any pressure on me at state. Just getting there would be great,” said Sam.