Mead School District proposes new safety, security and wellness levy

Mead School District proposes new safety, security and wellness levy
Mead School District

Voters in the Mead School District will see a Supplemental Enrichment Levy on their ballots this November.

The levy focuses on safety, security and student wellness. According to the district’s website, there are four key areas where portions of the supplemental levy funds will be spent.

First is safety and security personnel. The district hopes to hire a safety director, threat assessment coordinator and up to five school security officers.

The district also hopes to use money from the levy to maintain nurses to care for students. The district said it spends 10 times more money on nurses than what the state provides.

MSD hopes to also reinstate elementary school supervision para-educators, who were reduced in recent budget cuts. The district said the state’s prototypical school funding model provides an average of eight hours per day of para-educator support for each of the district’s elementary schools. “Additional hours needed to cover recess, lunch and before school and after school supervision must be provided via local levy dollars,” the levy overview reads.

Lastly, the district hopes to use levy dollars to create learning opportunities for non-traditional students. The district hopes to create a task force to make recommendations on how the district can allocate some of those levy funds to meet the learning and social-emotional needs of non-traditional students.

If passed, the levy would cost taxpayers $1.00 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The district estimates the average homeowner would pay $20 per month.

Learn more about the proposed levy here.

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