Mead School District announces some COVID changes coming to its schools

Mead Schools Social Distance Classroom 2
Courtesy: Mead School District

MEAD, Wash. — Some COVID operational changes are coming to Mead School District this November that involve volunteers, student clubs, tables and lockers.

District 4 Board Director Michael Cannon said on Facebook Saturday that there will be three main changes happening at schools starting Nov. 1.

At K-5 schools, Cannon said they will begin to manage parent volunteers in the buildings. They will stay in line with state mandates when it comes to masks and vaccination.

For student clubs, he said over the next few weeks they will begin to hold events and activities.

“Outside of current extra-curricular activities like sports and performing arts, student clubs are another important component to the educational experience,” he said in the post.

As for tables and lockers, Cannon said for grades 6-12, schools will have the option to return to tables during breakfast and lunch. They will also utilize lockers to store belongings and school supplies.

“We will also provide alternative space for students to sit during lunches away from others if they choose to do so,” he said.

You can find his Facebook post here.

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