Mead cancels school for remainder of the week due to air quality

Mead school district Classroom

MEAD, Wash. — Mead School District has canceled in-person classes on Friday as hazardous air quality forced them to close their doors for the first planned week of school.

Mead was one of several schools to close up while Spokane suffered through days of thick smoke and hazardous air quality, but they have had to continue closing even after other schools opened up again.

The school district says that, rain or shine, they will start school on Monday, September 21, either in-person or fully remote.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for all of us, but we can’t wait for the start of school on Monday,” reads a notice on the school district’s website. “Our students bring us all so much joy and positive energy that getting to connect with them will be a much-needed boost during a challenging time.”

According to the Spokane Clean Air Agency, more winds are expected Friday which will whip wildfire smoke around. This will likely move the air quality index back into the “very unhealthy” range.