McMorris Rodgers introduces ‘Lower Costs, More Cures Act,’ aims to cut drug prices

Cathy Mcmoro
PC: Cathy McMorris Rodgers

SPOKANE, Wash. — Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers introduced the ‘Lower Costs, More Cures Act’ on Wednesday, with the goal of lowering drug prices for families in the state.

McMorris Rodger’s Office says the act is meant to be an alternative to the House Democrats’ drug pricing bill, arguing it would stifle innovation and make the U.S. “reliant on China.”

“Individuals and families in Eastern Washington should not have to live in fear over how they will pay for their prescription medications, especially when they are living with a rare or chronic illness,” said McMorris Rodgers. “This legislation is about building on the progress we’ve made with 21st Century Cures to help bring more generic drugs to market faster, make insulin more affordable for our loved ones, lower out-of-pocket spending for seniors, boost access to new medicines and cures, and bring much-needed transparency to drug pricing.”

The Lower Costs, More Cures Act aims to lower costs and promote innovation, as well as putting caps on prices for drugs like insulin for seniors in the Medicare Part D program.

“This is a real, results-driven alternative to House Democrats’ plans to use the heavy hand of government to set drug prices and stifle innovation,” said McMorris Rodgers. “Partisan policy on drug pricing will only set America back and reduce the number of life-saving cures that come to market. Thanks to American ingenuity and innovation, we are on the verge of some amazing breakthroughs. The Lower Costs, More Cures Act is an important step towards helping millions of people battling diseases every single day.”

For more information, read the full text of the Lower Costs, More Cures Act here.