Mayoral candidates discuss Spokane’s new homeless shelter

Spokane’s mayoral candidates discussed the city’s new homeless shelter on Wednesday ahead of the November general election.

The Family Promise shelter opening up in Spokane sparks an important conversation between candidates Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward. The two have previously gone back and forth about how to solve Spokane’s homeless problem.

Stuckart has been open about his views and desire to have more low barrier shelters in Spokane.

Though Woodward has been critical about those shelters, she was quick to support the Family Promise one, saying it will hold people accountable.

“For the past six months my opponent has been saying she doesn’t want any new low barrier shelters- the city shouldn’t be buying any buildings and in opposition of everything,” said Stuckart. “I’ve been saying we should have 24/7 low barrier shelters with case management.”

Woodward, on the other hand, says she approves of the Family Promise shelter, despite it being low barrier. In fact, she says Family Promise is different.

“It’s one of the only shelters in this area that keeps families in tact and I support keeping families together as much as possible,” said Woodward.

She says it lines up with her desire to hold people accountable.

“I mean, they have a 30-minute limit stay with 15-day extensions and you have to meet certain standards in order to get those extensions so it supports everything that I’ve been calling for since day one,” Woodward said.

She still stands by her view of spending more money on programs instead of shelters, but Stuckart says Family Promise is an example of the solutions he wants for Spokane.