Mayor Condon vetoes ordinance limiting inter-agency employee ‘loaning’

Mayor Condon vetoes ordinance limiting inter-agency employee ‘loaning’

Spokane Mayor David Condon vetoed an ordinance that would limit the City’s ability to loan employees to other government agencies.

The ordinance was passed by the Spokane City Council on August 26, and was vetoed on Monday.

“Our joint Council-Administration Strategic Plan, One Spokane, prioritizes regional collaboration and partnerships to advance the goals of the City and the community,” said Mayor Condon. “I find it unfortunate that the Council doesn’t recognize the importance of regional cooperation and collaboration… Integration of projects and programs across governmental lines has led to better, more affordable outcomes for our citizens.”

The ordinance is reportedly designed to codify the practice of loaning employees and equipment across agencies for various projects.

City Charter Section 22 states that “neither the council president, the city council, nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the City under the jurisdiction of the mayor, either publicly or privately.”

According to Mayor Condon, the ordinance violates this charter. He also alleged that the City Council is already planning to override his veto.